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Initial position

Internet has changed the world of buying an selling for ever. There are information about everything and everybody. Everything is commented, applauded or savaged.

For a company this means: Bad critism is fatal, mediocrity not much better. Bought is that certain something. And everything keeps on the move.

Whether you act in the B2C- or B2B-field you always have to keep one eye on your customers. You should know where they go and understand, what they like or dislike.

But which sources of information are the right ones, how are they to be evaluated and which conclusions should be drawn for a company's brands, products or services?


Our approach

To utilise customers' experiences in order to improve products and services has a long tradition at TEMA-Q. We started more than 20 years ago with drivers' experience reports, which helped the automobile quality management to improve vehicle quality.

What has changed since then? Data sources are much more various and wide-ranging. The internet provides uncountable sources and companies have huge amounts of data at their disposal. Today there are more intelligent and target-oriented options for customer surveys or observations. As well as data analysis and illustration facilities have developed continuously.

And what has remained? It is the aim to increase the quality of products and services by listening to the customers' experiences and to be successfully active on the market.

Technology alone is not sufficient anymore. These new technological possibilities have to be, in the contrary, analysed, evaluated, intelligently linked and worked up, with the result that they actually can be used for improvement measures.

That is what we stand for: TEMA-Q - Technology and Management for Quality.




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